Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Please! Anything but mixed messages

Eighteen years, two of those years with a drivers license, four of those years with a phone, six being boy crazy, and today one mistake! I've always heard those stories of girls who are talking about someone via text and then accidentally sent it to that person they were talking about. And honestly, I've never understood how someone could be that stupid? Come on girls don't you at least look before you click send, maybe think to yourself... who am I talking to again? That was, until today. Oh boy! Oh boy!... yes boy, every problem any given girl has ever had, has in some way involved a boy, don't deny it. It was a busy afternoon what can I say?  One of those days where you have checked out, and the clutsy version of yourself has signed up to take over, everyone understands.  I was in the middle of a text fest between four girls and one boy. I was discussing homework with the person of intrest, and finishing up a conversation with one of the girls. Suddenly I had sent a message that was meant to go to the boy to the girl, saying something along the lines of homework being super fun durr!! But she kept talking to me like a typical conversation, when I figured that I had sent her the wrong message I hurried to apologize and explain that I was done talking to her. Thats when things went horribly wrong this is my apology: "Oh my gosh. Did I send that to you? It was supposed to go to hot DJ. I'm glad I didn't say what i really wanted to say! It was very Flirty! bahaha sorry!" I pressed send and watched It sail into the heavens. Then.... my phone buzzed... "what!?" said poor DJ. No backing down from that one sunshine, No backing down. -L