Thursday, January 28, 2010

Your Just Jealous!!

Lets just come out and say it....Girls are mean!
I wish I could be nice and say "No, not really like the girls in the movies..."

BUT THAT WOULD BE A LIE!! Some are exactly as mean. 

Today at hair school i was hanging out with two girls of who's names I will not mention because I DO love them to death, well sometimes? Anyways Here is how the conversations went;

Meanie Head One: "You know we really should have a "Bring Your Boyfriend to School" day! That way, all the girls who are having boy problems or are single will feel bad! Hahahaha!!"

Meanie Head Two: "Hahaha that would be so funny! Oh my gosh!" 

ME: "Ahem, I'm right here you know..."

Meanie Head One: "Oh no, umm not you, well, uh, you could like pay someone to play your boyfriend??

Can you believe that crap! Haha WOW! Awesome. I guess I'm going to hire someone to be my boyfriend now so if your interested hit me up!  
Not.   -L

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Keys Please!

Seriously can i say, in all seriousness, I. AM. SO. TIRED. OF. LOOSING. MY. KEYS.

I have a few good key loosing adventure stories but none as great as the Wingers story! I have this friend Mckay, he just got back from serving his mission a few months ago, love him to pieces but he's still a tad bit socially awkward from being churchy for two years. Well about a month after we got back some of my friends decided to stalk him at wingers where he was working at the time. We had a whole mess of fun and after we had paid the tab and left him a huge tip we decided to leave cheesy notes on the napkins. "For a good time call Lisa" among others. After we left we waited around in the parking lot to try and get a visual on him busing the table and getting our notes.

After we had waited for a while with no movement coming from the wingers building, we headed home. As we were almost home  I realized that I had lost my keys, a not so unusual occurrence, So we had to drive back to the soon closing Wingers. I tried to convince someone else to walk in and get them but no such luck. So as I awkwardly walked back into the building the two girls working the bar laughed at me and said "Ummm keys??!!" "Yeah." I replied. They went into the back and grabbed them and I rushed out giggling. I guess you can call that an almost embarrassing moment. Hey, who says they all have to be mortifying?? Needless to say I have not stopped loosing my keys, but I am a bit more careful.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

If your stuck in a rut, its probably because you fell in, so grab the stinking rope already!!

Predictability! Houston, we've found the problem! I've been kind of a downer the last few days, I figured it was because the holidays were over, But that wasn't it, was it that my days of breaks are over, childhood adventures coming to a close? No, not that either. This afternoon it just hit me,


People always tell me I'm a free spirit, I never quite understand until I leave for california with 100 bucks in my pocket and a ticket to Disneyland, but even then, not so unique. That is until i look back on life and realize I've never stuck with anything longer than 6 months no hobby, no crush, no goals, no intrests, unless seriously pursued... GONE some may say I'm lazy I say I'M FREE. Now having blown all my money in the past 2 weeks and being back to school, hair school, and homework feeling compleatly isolated again and wanting nothing more than to run away, can i really finish this 2,000 hour crap?!! Thats a long time for someone who can't stand routine. like meeeeee :)

I really need to mix things up to survive, I think I can safely say Its been a year since I've been asked on a date! Thats impressive, I should get an award. Thats another adventure I miss, I miss going to bed thinking tomorrow could be the best day of my life, tomorrow the hottest guy in school could push me up against the lockers and plant one on me, well that day came and went, now its just clock-ins and clock-out. Gotta find my own unpredictability now!

Happy New Year Everyone 2010 will be the year I loose 10!!