Friday, April 9, 2010

Un-Promed? Well Technically?

Well Its been a few weeks.... But I've been Promed. Was It wonderful? Yes. Was it overrated? Yes and no. La Callie was beautiful! I seriously wanted to cry when I looked around! The food was amazing, my best friend and I looked super hot, bowling was fun. And then there was my date.....DUD! He was super nice and we had lots of fun BUT lets just say the next time I see him will be too soon. {M. I'm terribly sorry if you end up reading hard feeling k? We had some good times and now....well..} haha honesty is the best policy. 
Bri and Me! Being super attractive as usual. Take note of our stunna shades
{Stunna- sooo 2007 but I just can't think of another word.. don't judge}
This Is the All Time favorite Moment of the evening. 
Bowling in Prom dresses..pretty much the best thing that ever happened

Well it was fun, prom was fun but quite honestly the best part was spending time with my dear senior friends, because in a short while we're all growing up and moving on. It exciting and scary all at the same time! Like me dear friend Katie says "I knew we would all have to grow up eventually, I never thought it would be so soon." 
The end.
But not really
This story will continue... its just too funny!

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