Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Daddy will you go to prom with me?....thank you for the free winsheild fluid sir

Don't worry I'm not going to prom with my father.
My Down's syndrome brother however......tempting?? He is a sophomore after all and the trend seems to be all the Seniors are asking Sophomores this year. Yeahhhhh no.
Well its official my poor parents feel sorry for me, they've made it their goal to find me a date, I don't see this ending well. I'm pretty much just ready for this dreaded day to be over already so we can look forward to something more positive....... like the apocalypse? No, I'm not sinister, just done. hahaha. 

My dad was surprised to find out that when you go to a date dance: you, well, dance with your date, and only you date. When I laughed at him he explained "Prom was for cool kids.." And thats when I realized I'm my father, I got his good looks, His sparkly green eyes, His quick sense of humor, His charm with the opposite sex, and of course, THE CURSE OF LOSERNESS THAT GOES ALONG WITH ALL OF THESE QUALITIES! Why can't I be my momma instead??

10 days, god created the earth in 7 there is little hope, but little is better than none right??!

Okay actual story of the day, I was driving home from school {Its about a half hour because its hair school} I was on auto pilot for a few minutes when I realized Wow my windshield is dirty!I decided I would stop at the next gas station since I was completely out of fluid, needless to say I like to use it vs. scrapping my windows ANY day!
A few minutes later I was stopped at a red light when from the red car in front of me started spewing blue liquid, at first I was confused, then I wanted to honk to let this car know they were spraying stuff all over me!

Then it clicked!

I started laughing at myself because once again, I got exactly what I wanted. Just a little bit differently than expected. Just like everything in my life I'm a firm believer in 

"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen" -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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