Thursday, January 28, 2010

Your Just Jealous!!

Lets just come out and say it....Girls are mean!
I wish I could be nice and say "No, not really like the girls in the movies..."

BUT THAT WOULD BE A LIE!! Some are exactly as mean. 

Today at hair school i was hanging out with two girls of who's names I will not mention because I DO love them to death, well sometimes? Anyways Here is how the conversations went;

Meanie Head One: "You know we really should have a "Bring Your Boyfriend to School" day! That way, all the girls who are having boy problems or are single will feel bad! Hahahaha!!"

Meanie Head Two: "Hahaha that would be so funny! Oh my gosh!" 

ME: "Ahem, I'm right here you know..."

Meanie Head One: "Oh no, umm not you, well, uh, you could like pay someone to play your boyfriend??

Can you believe that crap! Haha WOW! Awesome. I guess I'm going to hire someone to be my boyfriend now so if your interested hit me up!  
Not.   -L

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