Sunday, January 10, 2010

Keys Please!

Seriously can i say, in all seriousness, I. AM. SO. TIRED. OF. LOOSING. MY. KEYS.

I have a few good key loosing adventure stories but none as great as the Wingers story! I have this friend Mckay, he just got back from serving his mission a few months ago, love him to pieces but he's still a tad bit socially awkward from being churchy for two years. Well about a month after we got back some of my friends decided to stalk him at wingers where he was working at the time. We had a whole mess of fun and after we had paid the tab and left him a huge tip we decided to leave cheesy notes on the napkins. "For a good time call Lisa" among others. After we left we waited around in the parking lot to try and get a visual on him busing the table and getting our notes.

After we had waited for a while with no movement coming from the wingers building, we headed home. As we were almost home  I realized that I had lost my keys, a not so unusual occurrence, So we had to drive back to the soon closing Wingers. I tried to convince someone else to walk in and get them but no such luck. So as I awkwardly walked back into the building the two girls working the bar laughed at me and said "Ummm keys??!!" "Yeah." I replied. They went into the back and grabbed them and I rushed out giggling. I guess you can call that an almost embarrassing moment. Hey, who says they all have to be mortifying?? Needless to say I have not stopped loosing my keys, but I am a bit more careful.

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