Saturday, February 27, 2010

Flat Tires and Bad Karma

Ever had a person who you thought was out of your life? And then once you declared that this person was out of your life for good, they came rushing back in???
......Oh me either. 
Life is funny, I must tell you I got an invite to my Senior Prom!!!... unfortunately that invite was an event on facebook someone from student council sent out to everyone. I clicked maybe. Sorry to disappoint anyone! haha

Yesterday while driving home from school I felt a THUD THUD THUD! when I pulled over I found my tire was shredded! So what does a skilled person like me do when called to a crisis like this??... Park my car and take a nap of course. What!? I don't have a spare, I waited for a ride, don't judge me!haha

I keep getting these calls from people trying to sell me a Kia Soul. I've counted 19. Here's a tid bit of advice; Never put your phone number online, YOU WILL GET STALKED! Just like my momma told me, except I always imagined I would get stalked by some creep who's got a thing for 15 year old girls and following them to Del Taco...nope! I get stalked by middle age white men who are looking to make some money with their Asain cars that happen to be driven by HUGE rodents! Watch the commercial if you don't believe me.


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