Monday, March 8, 2010

Lets talk about...

12 days left till my senior prom and it just ain't happening.
Last night I was so excited! I have this weird thing where I always expect my life to turn into some movie montage and I get my hopes way to high. Now, I understand life isn't a movie or anything crazy like that, but over the past few years there have been a few occurrences that made me wonder? Like those weird moments when you get EXACTLY what you wanted, and you wonder if there really is a hidden camera? For along time my evidence suggested that there might be.

ANYWAYS back to reality, last night, ohhhh, late, someone rang my doorbell; followed by the soothing sounds of a car screeching away. I thought:
This is it!! Everything, for once, is just going to turn out.... The universe has heard my prayers I'm finally getting asked to Prom!!! So as I ever so sheepishly opened my door expecting a cake or something you'd find in Napoleon Dynamite, I looked around to find...nothing. It was a legitimate doorbell ditching. I would really feel quite flattered if I were 13! But instead I sat on my porch feeling stupid and contemplating what went wrong in life?  I understand I'm making WAYYY to big of deal about this, but you would too if your prom was at La Caille! The IT place in utah, its French cuisine I'm talking 200 dollars a plate! See...Now your jealous! Lets continue this countdown, I have a feeling this week will be FULL of stories.

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  1. Okay Miss Lacey. I am super bummed. And I am making a comment that is practically a new entry to your blog. lets see 10 days to prom. I had this horrible experience when I was talking to a friend. So basically they were saying what a loser they were. So I assumed they had no date either. So I causally asked he why don't we hang out not this Saturday but next. Answer: thats prom. My response: Yeah i know want to go we can just go as friends. Response oh yeah i'm going with someone. UGH just when i put myself out there shut down. SO just so you know its not only you with high hopes. its me to only to be REJECTED